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Blue Rhino effects on the male and female body

Luckily the positive effect on males and females is the same. They will feel euphoric, relaxed, focused, happy and sleepy in the same manner. But sadly females can experience headaches if they overdose. But luckily the effect of the herbs sets in almost immediately so your body can’t fool you. Males can experience dry mouth but all you have to do is to drink water.

Let’s get down to effects:

  • The general effects are relaxation, uplifted mood, happiness, uncontrollable giggling and mild euphoria;
  • The medical effects are even better – you will be able to get rid of stress, depression, fatigue, headaches and pain;
  • It also alleviates nausea, loss of appetite and cancer pain;
  • The negative is dry eyes and headaches when you consume too much – so one should be careful about the dosage.

The flavour profile is comprised of three components: earth, pine and skunk. According to the reviews, Blue Rhino Strain is all about relaxation and quick onset. So if you want to get rid of the stress quickly, just get the herb.

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